Preston Primary (VC) School

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"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14


School Nurse Team Autumn Newsletter

At Preston Primary School we are committed to supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of all our school community. Positive wellbeing is promoted throughout our curriculum and through all school activities - healthy body, healthy mind! 

We encourage our children to use a Growth Mindset and this is underpinned by the Secrets of Success. Within our pupil parliament we have a wellbeing committee, which is led by an elected year 6 student. In addition to this, we also have representatives from the governing body, staff and parents to ensure we continue to adopt a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.

School Nurse Team Winter Newsletter

Being Active

We have a purpose-built running track which takes the children around the large sports field within our grounds. All of our children are encouraged to take part in the Daily Mile.

Outdoor Learning Zone  

The wildlife pond, alongside our fabulous outdoor classroom, ensures we can provide even greater opportunities for the children to get out of the standard classroom environment and into the grounds of our beautiful setting. 

Five Ways to Wellbeing


When your child reaches their final year of Primary School, they undertake the role of a buddy whereby they support a new member of our school community to settle into the Reception Class. Throughout the school week, they will accompany their buddy to lunch and enjoy shared activities, such as reading with them.


PHASE-Hitchin is a charity which supports our Year 5 & 6 children with their emotional and physical well-being. They run a series of workshops focusing on:

  • Resilience
  • Dealing with stress and uncertainty
  • Planning for the future

Healthy Eating

We encourage children to follow a balanced diet and that forms part of our curriculum. As part of the Government's Healthy Eating Scheme all children in KS1 are offered a piece of fruit or vegetable at break time. Parents of KS2 children can opt in to the scheme or provide their child with a healthy snack for break time.

Children's Mental Health Week 6th-12th February 2023

This year’s theme is 'Let’s Connect'. Let’s Connect is about making meaningful connections for all, during Children’s Mental Health Week – and beyond. People thrive in communities, and this connection is vital for our wellbeing. When we have healthy connections – to family, friends and others – this can support our mental health and our sense of wellbeing. And when our need for rewarding social connections is not met, we can sometimes feel isolated and lonely – which can have a negative impact on our mental health. 

For Children’s Mental Health Week 2023, we’re encouraging people to connect with others in healthy, rewarding and meaningful ways.

Just Talk Week - 21-27 November 2022

Just Talk Week is an opportunity to highlight the importance of mental health and wellbeing, focussing on positive and practical information and tools. The theme for this year is ‘Look beneath the surface’. The concept behind the ‘Look beneath the surface’ theme is to encourage children, young people, parents/carers and professionals to recognise that we all face difficult challenges in our lives and that you can’t always tell what someone is going through.

Children's Mental Health Week 7th-13th February 2022

It was great to see all of our children express themselves with their ‘funky’ hairstyles on Friday. A wonderful reminder that we are all unique! £165 was raised on the day and the wellbeing committee will be sharing news on how this money will be spent. 

Everyone has done a brilliant job of creating their support balloons for our wellbeing display. This will serve as a visual reminder of who and what helps us to grow. 

What lifts us up?

Follow the link to see some of the outdoor learning our children have been enjoying.