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Love, Learn, Aspire

"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14

Class 3 Home Learning photos

A little scientist cleaning the 1p coins

A very descriptive diary entry by Joshua


Time for our hobby

Some football training

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Some stunning art work and more from Ophelia

Some extra bits that we do apart from home-learning...

When you encounter a swarm of honeybees in your back garden


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Rocket Launch

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Landscape collages

Beau growing beans

Sweets help with learning Maths

Art landscape

'The midnight gang' Fact File

Fact file about the rain forest by Beau

Aliens..rather friendly ones


Beau keeps himself busy not only by doing PE with Joe and his siblings

Oli and the planet of birds

Space Discovery by Class 3 went with a bang!

Lexie (and her sister) in a TV show about Space

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Raphael is taking us to the Moon

Space Movie by Felix

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Exit tickets for Tuesday, 2nd June



Today I have Done: I did my english and ttrockstars plus my 'Draw yourself as an astronaut' task.  I  have constructed the set and props for my movie and am ready to start filming as of tomorrow . (FM)


“Today was a great day. I enjoyed drawing myself as an astronaut. The instructions were very helpful. I am looking forward to learning more about space.”  (GT)


Class 3 as astronauts drawn by themselves.

Applications to the European Space Academy. Watch this space for future astronauts!

Sam's salt crystals

Setting description in the past tense. Very descriptive. Well done, Lenny.

Matilda busy practising football


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More football

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Jack and Charlie's mission into the space.

Rocket launch

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Rocket launch with water. Look how far it went!

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paper rocket with an elastic band

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English and Maths

Exit tickets for Monday, 1st June

Our day has been very fun,

We have been doing various activities today such as: Taekwondo, Supermovers (which was very fun)Baking, Making a rocket out of a bottle, Google classroom English and even planting tomatoes.

We are finishing our day by making a lovely lemon cake(My favourite!)

From Charlie and Jack 


Today I have Done: I did the Comprehension on google classroom and maths on BBC Bitesize.My Space Animation is in the making - I have researched the topic and drafted my story board,As Well as constructing a rocket I made some scaffolding and made the stand using a cube net I made myself. (FM)


'I did really well today. The fractions game in maths was fun and I enjoyed the reading comprehension lesson today. In the afternoon, I made a rocket. I realised to make it go faster you had to add water.' (GT)



Today was fun. First I did Joe PE, Character Description: Reading Comprehension – Fact Retrieval in English and BBC bitesize maths (multiplying fractions). After that I had lunch and watched the two videos on rockets you put on google classrooms.




P.S. Sadly I only had half the things I needed to make the 2 space rockets. Instead I made a paper rocket launched from an elastic band.



Half-term gardening

'Paddington great escape' by Marley

Gary explaining the rock formation with his home made model

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Oscar has been very busy...

I have been doing lots of work over the last three weeks 

  • Mathletics 
  • English with Mr Fozzard
  • Geography with Ms Sicmin
  • I've read Chamber of Secrets and I'm halfway through Prisoner of Azkaban
  • I've done the discussion on Lock Down
  • Plus the Hitchin Boys School wordle+letter
  • Lastly some of the ten minute tests in Maths



Exit Tickets for Friday, 22nd May


Today was successful. First I did Joe PE, wrote a setting description in English (see attachment), and then the weekly challenge in maths. After maths I had lunch and finished my pp. on rocks. (LA)



Today I have done: I did my Maths and English plus I finished my rocks power point. (FM)

Exit ticket for Thursday, 21st May


I’ve just finished reading my fourth Beast Quest book! The next one in the series is about a snow monster.

I’ve been working through a maths booklet, doing tt rockstars and watching BBC Bitesize.

I took part in a live drawing world record attempt this afternoon with Rob Biddulph (the whale) and yesterday we made suncatcher/stained glass pictures. (BW)


Today I have Done: I have almost finished my rocks PowerPoint and I have done my maths.I logged on to the world record breaking draw with rob and stayed to the end to qualify. (FM)


“Today was a good today because I got to paint my model outside. I will share it with you tomorrow. I also did well in English.” (GT)


Today was similar to yesterday.  First I did English (SPaG) then Maths and lunch. After lunch I did Geology (yesterday cont.). (LA)



Class 3 taking part in art world record activity (Draw with Rob)

Exit tickets for Wednesday 20th May


Today was interesting. First I did English (oak academy) and then maths (BBC bitesize). After maths I had lunch and did Geology (making a powerpoint on rocks).  (LA)


Today I have done: my maths and my english. I did metamorphic rock on my powerpoint today. (FM)


Today was successful because I did really well in English. I enjoyed making my rocks model in the afternoon outside in the sun.” (GT)

Exit tickets for Tuesday, 19th May


“Today was a good day because I did well in geology today. I also enjoyed working outside on my rocks project model.” (GT)

Exit Tickets for Monday, 18th May 2020


I have done a lot of things today even though some of the videos from classroom didn’t work I figured it out and fixed it with the help of my mum. Ive done my igneous rock lesson same with my English and I have started on a rock poster. My sister has to make a marble run in the week so I am allowed to help her with that for her homework. (LWa)


“Today I learnt about rocks. I also learnt about adding different fractions together.” (GT)


Today was busy. First I did PE with Joe, English and maths. After maths I had lunch and did science. (LA)



Lenny's work on fractions

Raphael learning about fact retrieval

Have a look what Lily has achieved in one day. She has been busy!

Playing in the garden after a very busy day. Look at what the boys achieved.

Exit Tickets for Friday, 15th May


Today was successful because I did well in scratch. I have enjoyed practicing my french all week too.” (GT)


Today was relaxing. First I published my argument on the lockdown and then maths. After maths I had lunch and went on scratch. (LA)


Today I have done: I finished my debate and french booklet plus I did my maths and some scratch too. (FM)

Beautiful hand-made insects

Maths, English and History - Olivia's one day at home-school.

Debate: 'Is lockdown good or not?'

Video debate

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Exit tickets for Thursday, 14th May 


Today was successful because I made a plan for my argument for and against lockdown and started my neat version. I really enjoyed seeing my classmates and teacher today. It’s made me feel happy.” (GT)


Today was fun. First I did PE with Joe, English and the maths assignment on Google Classrooms. After that we had the video chat, had lunch, did French and finally did some coding. (LA)


Today I have done: I did my french and maths. I have done my draft of the debate and have worked on scratch. (FM)

Very impressive crystal tree. Well done, Matilda!

Exit Tickets for Wednesday, 13th May 2020


Today was successful because I did well in maths. I really enjoyed having a debate with Dad and writing down my opinions. The best bit of my day was doing scratch.” (GT)


Today is fun. First I did maths (everyone was too busy to discuss a question with me, plus, my dad didn't understand the task). After that I did science instead of english, had lunch and french (for some reason I couldn't access Youtube so I couldn't watch the videos) and then coded. (LA)



Gary's Scratch game

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Leny's Scratch games

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Exit Tickets for Tuesday, 12th May


Today was fun. First I did Joe Wickes PE and then English. After English I Did Maths, had lunch and did some coding (LA)


Today I have done: I did TT rockstars and English.I finished my maths, did my french and learnt about the day of the dead. (FM)


“Today was successful because I started to make my own game in scratch. I liked bbc bitesize maths, someone cut a cake into fractions and it made me hungry!”  (GT)


I hope you’re well this morning I have learned how to do long division it was quite tricky to get my head round it. (LWo)

Lenny pong

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Lenny coded

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How lovely to hear from you...

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VE Day 75th Anniversary

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An amazing production to celebrate the importance of the VE day.

'PEACE' Lexie's poster to remind us to be kind to each other

Matilda celebrating VE Day

Having spent all week learning about VE Day, we rounded it off with afternoon tea on our front lawn. Herbie, Hetty and I made scones and traditional lemonade. We watched the Winston Churchill broadcast at 3pm and then headed out to join our neighbours for a socially distant commemoration of WW11. We spent a couple of hours in the sunshine, whilst Vera Lynn played in the background. It was a lovely afternoon.

from Beau

VE Day Menu

Something worth reading about the VE Day and WW2

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Aleshya's production

Exit Tickets for Thursday 7th May

“Today was a good day because I finished all my maths questions in good time. I made cheese and potato dumplings from the WW2 recipes in the afternoon. Have a lovely weekend everybody.”  (GT)


Today was hard work. First I did 4 fact files on characters  and then calculating perimeter in Maths. After maths I had lunch, completed my powerpoint on WW2 and beat my high score again with 117 mountain climbers! (LA)


I did some maths,areas and perimeters. I then did this list of positive things to come out of all this (lockdown). (OC)

The positive things that we can get out of lockdown

The latest news

For all the fans of Hobbit

Exit Tickets for Tuesday, 5th May


“Today was successful because I made a film about VE Day. I hope you like it! I have enjoyed this topic very much. I also worked on my reading log and did some maths.” (GT)


Today was a long day. First I did English and then multiplied 4-digits by 2-digits in maths. after lunch I made a PowerPoint Presentation on WW2 and had a massive bike-ride. (LA)


Today I have done my maths , my VE diary entry and my reading journal.You were right - I did enjoy my writing task! (FM)



A professional report on WW2 and the VE Day

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Well deserved biking after solving maths

VE Day diary entry

Class 3, you ALL are superstars! Thank you for sharing your Home Learning and telling me what you have learnt each day. You amaze me with the quality of your writing, drawing, researching and even baking! You have been very busy so: Be kind to yourself. Enjoy the sunshine (or the rain). Embrace each day with a smile. Mrs Dye

'Victory in Europe Day' This is what we have been learning about to the VE Day to get ready for the 75th anniversary of the end of the WW2

We like Lily's Reading Journal front cover with an optimistic quote

If you wonder what possibly could Paddington, a coconut shell, a measuring tape, a cat-like candle and the Tottenham football have in common, wait no longer. Class 3 writers have all the answers.

Well done to all the children for coming up with such amazing, and often humorous stories. It was a joy to read them all.

Exit Tickets for Monday, 4th May


Today was busy. First of all I did PE with Joe. After that I made the front cover of my Reading Journal and then had lunch. After lunch I multiplied 2-digit fractions in maths, researched not just VE day but the rest of WW2 as well and made a fact file on it. Finally I did my first 60 second challenge (Mountain climbers-61). (LA)

Another busy start to the week

Happy 10th Birthday from all in Class 3!

A short note to all Class 3 from Oscar

Exit Tickets for Friday, 1st May


Today I have done my white rose maths and finished my English.I did the Aztec collage as well (FM)


Today was fun. First I did Joe Wickes PE and then finished my 5-part story (see attachment) and did the Friday maths challenge and then had lunch. After lunch I had an hour-and-a-half walk and finally made a multiple-choice quiz about the Aztecs. (LA)


Today I finished my writing & Aztec projects. I am most proud of my Aztec drawings. I also made a thaumatrope of a fish in a bowl last night. I am looking forward to more maths next week.” (GT)

Spring poem inspired by the beautiful weather outside. Well done, Jayda.

Oli waited patiently to capture this picture of a woodpecker that has started coming onto the bird feeder in his garden

Jayda teaching us the sign language

Still image for this video

Exit tickets for Thursday, 28th April


Today I have Done: I used the tape measure object for my English project and did my White Rose Maths activity.I made an informative Aztec crime and punishment poster and made a stop motion movie for the film competition. (FM)


“Today I enjoyed doing my Aztec project the most I drew a picture of an Aztec warrior. I also worked on my story. I am looking forward to sharing it with you tomorrow.” (GT)


Today was fun. First did PE with Joe then I carried on with creative writing and then did subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places and then did more calligraphy. After lunch I did an aztec fact file in history and Mathletics. (LA)

The latest news! A child running a household... 


Marley was given a challenge of running the house for 2days. This included meal planning, delegating household chores and time management. 

Marley took the role on well and was enjoying being able to ask adults to do things. He was able to learn good organisational skills and showed a good understanding of how a home runs.

         Fantastic effort Marley!

Sharing some 'rainbow joy' and thankful messages to the NHS

Professional and entertaining. Enjoy watching.These clips were submitted for the Preston Film Project. Well done to all the film directors!

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Still image for this video

Sam has found a real passion for drawing. Look at the detail in his recent pencil sketch.

If you are looking for your next holiday destination, Sam recommends Italy...

A real masterpiece! Raphaël's abstract artwork inspired by Alexander Calder

Exit Tickets for Wednesday, 29th May

“Today I found maths a bit tricky, I got stuck on one question, but I am getting there. After that, I continued on with my Aztec project. I am also working hard at my story. After home Ed I have been spending time on Nessy practicing my spellings”. (GT)


It was a busy day today. First I made part 3 of my story and then did mathletics and some calligraphy (I do calligraphy). After lunch I made a translation chart for my Aztec Project. (LA)


Today I have done: I did the White Rose Maths and did the step number three of the English project.My Aztec activity I chose for today was 'draw yourself as an Aztec'. (FM)

Absolutely first class entertainment in the style of the newspaper articles. You cannot miss out on reading those!

Exit tickets for Tuesday, 28th April

Today I continued with my story, I found it fun. Then I did my Aztec project. I found out how they ate and went to school. My favourite part of the day was maths again. (GT)


Today I have done creative writing, Aztecs and times tables. I watched the launch of the spacex starlink satellites 🚀, learnt what to do if someone is choking and did some Art. (BW)


I will post the story set for this week at the end, I am really enjoying it 

I have also done some of the Aztec work which is quite fun and a bit of French on Duolingo! (LWo)


Today was interesting. First I did my usual PE with Joe. After that I wrote part 2 of my creative writing and then I subtracted numbers with the same number of decimals in maths. After lunch I finished my first project about Aztecs (see attachment) and then had a look at the movie competition. Finally I read. (LA)


Today I have done: I did my Exercise and maths task,plus I did my English. For my Aztecs.project I chose the fun facts option. (FM)

To link to our South and North America, we are learning about the Aztecs.

Already very busy start to the week...Keep it up Class 3!