Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14

Outdoor Learning

W/b 6th November 2023 - Still outside despite the rain!

W/b 18th September - Infants went outside on a materials hunt!

W/b 19th June 2023 - Pond dipping and plant identification

W/b 12th June 2023 - we took our learning outside to do Athletics and ride balance bikes. We also enjoyed den building based on our class text - we then wrote about it the next day!

W/b 15th May 2023 - We went outside to collect vocabulary to describe the trees, leaves and flowers!

W/b 24th April 2023 - Infants have been outside again this week looking at trees in Science. We also used chalk to draw some well-known London landmarks; can you guess what they are? Now we are in the Summer term, we are also doing more PE outside!

W/b 20th June 2022 - Year Two enjoyed sketching trees in Art

W/B 21.03.22 Oak class enjoyed some active Maths this morning.

W/b 21st March 2022 - Birch Class did some pond dipping as part of their Science learning about Animals

W/B 21.03.22 New additions to Preston Primary School!

w/b 14.3.22 Whole school buddy reading

w/b 14.3.22 Oak class have been identifying plants around the school in order to classify them

W/b 21st February 2022 - Birch Class have been outside this week to look for patterns in nature!

W/b 17th January 2022 - Maple class have been outside again, this time investigating leaf litter habitats and our pond habitat, looking for living things to classify.

W/b 10th January 2022 - Maple class have been environmental scientists, finding, observing and identifying living things in our school grounds.

w/b 29.11.21 Brrr... a bit of a chilly morning today with the frozen pond

W/b 1st November 2021 - what's happening in the pond?

w/b 18.10.21 Gardening Club - wellies, gloves and some muddy hands. It is great to check on and see what's changed in our garden

w/b 11th October 2021 National Space Week - we used stones and twigs to make star constellations.

W/b 11th October 2021 - We enjoy physical activity outside wherever possible!

w/b 4.10.2021 When the sun is shining, we love learning (and relaxing) in the outdoor area.

w/b 4.10.2021 We have had a mixture of rain, wind and sun whilst doing 'bikebility'. It has been fun cycling around Preston.

w/b 4.10.2021 Oak class children are trying to keep healthy by taking part in daily mile.

W/b 27.9.21 We like popping into our garden and checking how things are going. What's new? What's changed?

W/b 20.9.21 Oak class have been observing the pond habitat daily and recording the changes. We have noticed how the water colour changed after a heavy rainfall - we were able to see the bottom of the pond. Also, there's more lily pads.

W/b 13th September 2021 - As part of their Science learning, Birch went on a materials hunt around the school and investigated natural materials around the pond area!

w/b 6th September 2021: Outdoor Maths. This week, Maple class investigated how many different 3 and 4 digit numbers we could make using just 4 or 5 objects on a place value grid.