Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

How the funds are spent

In 2019 each class once again benefited from £500 to use against items on their individual wish lists. The monies were spent in a variety of ways. Class Three used theirs to fund some sessions with a Taekwondo expert, who came into school and taught the children a number of moves! Class One used the majority of their funds to subsidise a trip to Woburn Safari park, aswell as purchasing some music files and a new globe.


The whole school received a contribution to the repair of our much loved wooden trim trail, a fabulous new outdoor world map and the newly resurfaced playground was marked up with a netball court, as well as all of the other items the children had chosen including hopscotch, copy me and twister. In addition a further £1000 was given towards new books for the class libraries.

In 2018 the PSA funded a new AV system for the main hall. It has transformed the area into a shared teaching space, where all children have benefited from the new advanced technology. In addition to this each class received £500 to support their individual class with list, along with two ipads.