Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire


The Literary Curriculum


To ensure children can access high quality texts to enrich their learning, the school follows The Literary Curriculum for Primary Schools. This curriculum enables children to learn from established authors and to immerse themselves into books. By studying significant authors, they can become critical readers enabling them to not only read for pleasure but to also read as authors and access rich and engaging texts to inspire their own writing.

Reading and Phonics


We believe that whilst children are learning to read they should also be learning to love books. Consequently we ensure that there are a range of whole school activities provided, such as Book Week. 

Our pupils are taught to read through adopting a range of strategies to decode print. One of our prime approaches is the teaching of phonics, the breaking down of language into its component sounds. We follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme across Reception and KS1, extending the programme into KS2 where appropriate. Sessions take place daily for approximately 20 minutes.

Guided Reading is used across the whole school to teach children the knowledge, skills and understanding of reading in all its diversity. 

The aim of every guided reading session is to encourage and extend independent reading skills, teaching the specific skills required. Texts are selected to match the reading ability, interest and current topic in each class. At Preston, we are following The Literary Tree to support the teaching of reading.

See the English Curriculum Statement above for more information.