Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14


I am making bunting for the bunting competition. I am recycling some funky paper that our loo rolls were wrapped in.

This week in Literacy we will be reading the story of The crocodile who didnt like water. We will also make a 'Fact File' about reptiles. In Mathematics we are learning about counting, subraction, addition, doubling and estimating.

Look at our amazing reptile drawings.

I have been reading to my little brother.

Back at school we have been painting our own pebbles for our desks.

Home Learning for W/C 15th of June

This week we are learning to devise instructions. We are learning to be engineers. I have designed a bridge, written instructions and built a bridge.

These are my instructions for building my house.

I have been listening to the story of Maisie Mears and her good ideas. I am going to make a home for Peter Rabbit. This is my plan.

In mathematics this week we are learning to combine 2 quantities to make a total. We are learning to partition numbers.

I painted a nature bag. Look at the lovely colours I used.

We planted some seeds. We planted sunflowers, basil and nasturtiums. Our garden will look beautiful in the summer.

This week's story is.....

We have been learning about the story of the 100 decker bus. Look at our bus maps.

Have you made a bus map? Please send in your maps and pictures about this week's story.

Thank you everyone for my very lovely Birthday card. I loved seeing all your happy, smiley faces. What a super suprise.

I have been remembering my summer holidays last year. Look at my amazing seaside picture and descriptive writing.

We have been baking shortbread biscuits. I weighed out the ingredients and read the numbers on the scales. The biscuits were very yummy and were all eaten in no time. Luckily my big sister made some chocolate bricks following Mrs Fell's recipe in the school cookbook.

Mrs Fell's Chocolate Bricks.

Congratulations to Austin and Annabelle. They have come third in Whitwell story writing competition. Well done guys!

Yum yum. I am a super chef. I have been making French toast for my family.

We have been learning about measuring ingredients. We made some delicious chocolate cupcakes.

This week's Literacy topic is all about space and aliens. In Nummeracy you can learn all about 2D and 3D shapes and patterns. Don't forget to look in the specialist section for creative art and more subjects.

This week in English we have been learning about space. We listened to a story about a game of space ball. There are two teams the 'Sage Spots' and the 'Sunny Yellows'. The message in the story is that we should not choose to not like eachother because of the way we look. We have chosen our favourite parts of the story.

Please send us more pictures of your favourite part of the story.

Half Term Activities

25th-29th of May

We are clapping for our NHS heroes. Send in your pictures of you clapping to add to our collection.

Look who dressed up as Bumble Bear after hearing the story during our Google Classroom meeting.

Look what happened to me this week. I lost my tooth (at last). We have both lost the same tooth. Our teeth are twins as well.

This week's home learning.

Look at what we have been up to this week. Look at our amazing writing. We have been learning about Jack and the beanstalk and Hansel and Gretel.

I pressed some flowers I found on my walk.

I counted all of my trains and carriages. Can you see how many I have?

I made an 'Octopus's garden and wrote a story about it.

Congratulations on your 5th Birthday.

Look at our learning this week.

For my birthday I got a Scientist's kit. Did you know I want to be a Scientist when I grow up.

I have been learning lots from The Oak Academy. Look at my amazing story.

We are writing and doing number work.

I have been doing cross curricular learning about under the sea.

VE Day

I have been asking my Great Nana, who is 95 about VE day. I prepared some questions for my interview with her on Facetime. Do you like my bunting? 

Exciting news! Hot off the press. A Reception child has got into The Guiness Book of Records. What a challenging achievement! Well done!.

Look at my sunflower it is growing taller and taller. I have started writing My Sunflower Diary.

Summer Term Week 3 w/c 4/5/20
Something to keep you busy this weekend.

Rock Art

We have been collecting rocks on our daily walks. We had fun painting our rocks and now we are going to put them in our garden. I wonder if you would like to start a rock collection? Here are some ideas of what you can do with them. 

Nearly 101 things you can do with rocks.

We are learning about number bonds to 10. Have a look at your Google Classroom page to find out more. Next Tuesday at One O'clock we are getting together on Google Classrooms. You can share some of your number bond learning. I can't wait to see you!

Number bond learning using 10's frames.

click on the link to see some more number bond learning.

I have been writing number sentences

Look at my learning about Mavis the cat. I have been reading, talking and making up our own stories.  

I have made up my own story about story about 'Chirpy Chick'. This is my storyboard.

I went on an adventure and made a story mountain. Then I wrote a my adventure story called 'A Dog called stick'.

I went on an adventure of my own with my Panda. As you can see we had lots of fun.

Has anyone else been learning about Mavis the cat? It would be lovely to add your stories here.

We love making things with playdough. Try the recipe above under Funky Fingers Activities.

We have painted a giant rainbow.

I have grown a rainbow!

Can you grow a rainbow? Here are the instructions. Don't forget to sequence the colours in the right order.

How to grow a rainbow at home

Is it possible to grow a rainbow at home without leprechauns? Learn how with this video! Equipment: paper towel, water-based markers, water, Petri dish, pape...

We have been learning about space. Look at our amazing writing about the planets.

Summer Term Week 2 w/c 27/4

Open ended Maths Activiteies

Structured Maths Activities for the Summer Term

Literacy activities Talk for Writing

We have been practising writing numbers, cvc words and tricky words.

I have started a BIG work of art. it's a bit like Michelangelo's Cistine Chapel. It is inspired by my love of unicorns and nature. It will be magical when I have finished. Perhaps you would like to paint your own mural in your berdroom? ALWAYS ask your grownups first!

We have been learning about rockets and space.

We are going to visit the planets in our space outfits.

I made a rocket. Perhaps I will go to the moon.

We have been finding out and celebrating St Georges Day.

We have been re-telling the story of George and the dragon

Still image for this video
Watch us re-enacting the story of St George and the dragon. Can you tell who we are?

Now we have changed characters

Still image for this video

I have made a sword, which will come in handy for slaying dragons.

I have been learning about number bonds to 10.

Earth Day Activities, what activities have you done? Send in your photos.

I am on a special mission to use renewable energy. This will save our planet Earth!

Fantastic News.

Congratulations to everyone in the family. 

Born on April the 7th. Here he is enjoying the sunshine and cuddles from his very helpful big sister. 

This week's Star Bakers.

Bread and chocolate cake. Yummy.

Science in action

Still image for this video

My week of learning

Understanding the world, number work and art. What a busy week.

Look at my amazing writing

We are learning our Letters and Sounds

We are being creative.


                                  April the 22nd 

Today is Earth Day 

Click on the Earth Day star (above the Reception star) for some ideas for activities you can do in your garden for this special day.

                                   Summer Term Week 1 20/4/20

Hello Everyone

I hope you enjoyed the sunny weather during the Easter break. It is so lovely to be back with you again and learning in this new and exciting way. I have missed you all so much and by looking at the photos I am amazed by how much you have grown. 

Thank you for my lovely hamper and cards. What a super suprise. I have been enjoying chomping through the goodies and have to say the treats speeded up my recovery and made me feel very happy.

Your pictures and videos have been amazing and I am very impressed with your learning. Over the next few days there will be more activities for you to do which will be more subject based and linked to the Early Learning Goals for the end of the school year. So watch this space for your next activities for this week, the first week of Summer Term.


Stay safe and happy


Mrs Morris






I have been learning about different artists and making some art of my own and more. Click and look.

Please remember to send us any pictures or electronic copies of children's work. We would love to share it with everyone.
Check here each week for Mrs Tye's weekly challenge! smiley

Week 4 Challenge



Can you spot things that move? Can you sort them into groups? Can you build/make/create something that moves? How does it move?


Look at our 'moving' investigations!



Week 3 challenge

It really feels like Spring this week. Spring is when we see many things start to grow.

What can you learn about growing? Show me in many different ways - a song, dance, picture, model or any other way!

We are planting seeds

Week 2 Challenge - looking out of the window

Week 1 Challenge: the tallest towers!

A new, very fluffy member of the family...

The journey of your food

Still image for this video

An amazing cable car!

Still image for this video

Super skittles experiment

A lost tooth!

Amazing week 1 learning!

What amazing writing

So much learning

Beautiful clay tree face

A nature walk, den building and writing
A puppetry aquarium and 'be kind' rainbow
Our Nature Cards for Mothers' Day

My story