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"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14

2024 Residential

Oak class had a fantastic trip. Everyone took part in the activities and worked so hard to achieve their goals! The Kingswood staff acknowledged that we were a super group all week and were one of the best group of listeners they have worked with. All the children showed excellent manners and respect to everyone they interacted with and were respectful of the Kingswood grounds and house. The teachers who went are all very proud of each member of Oak class and have really enjoyed watching everyone show how amazing they are this week. Well done Oak, hope you all had a great time :)

The last activity was the leap of faith... This activity looked very daunting for many of us at the beginning of the week but everyone has gained confidence working at heights this week and all bravely took on this task!!

The year 6s worked so hard to help each other tackle the Jacobs ladder!!

The year 5s had to put their thinking caps on for the problem solving activity!

Some of us used our time this morning after breakfast to have a look at the beach curiosity tray Miss Thorpe put together for us. We used a seashore identification guide to learn more about the things we found on the beach - we left them at Kingswood in their curiosity corner so other schools can enjoy them in the future!

We had a group reflection session to review our week - everyone has grown in confidence in areas they wanted to develop and everyone achieved some fantastic goals this week. Everyone shared something they're proud of and a reason why they are proud of someone else in the class - well deserved pats on the back all round. 

It's fun to stay at the ... YMCA!!!!

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Throwing some interesting shapes of the dancefloor and having a jolly time!

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We requested 9-5 (an Oak class favourite), we managed to remember most of the words!

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We put on our dancing shoes this evening and thoroughly enjoyed showing off our moves at the disco!!

Teamwork was essential for the Jacobs ladder! The year 5s have grown in confidence working at heights over the week...

Many of the year 6s faced their fears in the caving challenge - they worked together and adapted their strategy and set a speed trial time of 30 seconds - beating the year 5s!

The year 5s should be so proud of themselves - they showed fantastic team work during the low rope activity... Nathan (our leader) said they were the best group of spotters he's ever worked with and they completed the course at the same pace as year 10 pupils!

The year 6s showed great innovation and determination during their buggy building session! The teams tied, despite all the wheels falling off one buggy.... Perhaps more knot practice is required!

Our Quidditch match

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After lunch we tried our hand at Quidditch (without the brooms) - a close match indeed!

Great teamwork and safety skills were seen during the bushcraft fire lighting - unfortunately our fire didn't get hot enough to make nettle tea but we did have a fun time making sparks and small flames!

Mr Taplin was certainly enjoying his role as the rain maker...

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Luckily we had our waterproofs!!

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Some shelters were more effective than others...

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Testing our shelters

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We learnt lots this morning in bushcraft - den making and fire lighting! Our shelters were tested with a simulated rain pour.... We probably need more fun building practice because we got quite soaked!

The sun is shining today 🌞 we've had a fun morning with bushcraft and now we're playing Quidditch

Mr Taplin really embraced his inner chicken 🐔looked like he was struggling to lay eggs...

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Laying eggs is noisy work...

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Crazy chickens!

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Our evening activity was 'mini Olympics' - being as daft as you could was the aim here!!!

The year 6s showed trust, team work and communication in their low ropes session, overcoming obstacles and having a right laugh!! Helping to guide their partners while they were blindfolded to navigate along the ropes and over obstacles! (Everyone was having such an immersive time unfortunately we do not have photos to upload for this activity)

The year 5s used team work and communication (with aid from 'the talking stick') to take on the caving maze... Set a team speed trial time of 36 seconds - will the year 6s be able to beat them tomorrow?

We faced fears and set challenges for ourselves on the climbing wall! We're so proud of each other and all the positive encouragement helped push ourselves to achieve our goals!!

The year 5s had their buggy building session... Boys v girls, very close competition - team work and coordination helped them with this challenge!

This morning we enjoyed taking hold of bows and arrows in archery! Luckily everyone used their listening skills and nobody was impaled :)

Finished our evening with a scrap heap challenge... Besides the team work, the best bit was getting Nathan (our Kingswood leader) pretty soaked!!!

We had a fantastic time at the beach! Sea shore identification, ball games and playing in the sand :) the sun shone and it rained - perfect beach weather!

The year 5s were doing fantastic animals impersonations!!

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Communication and teamwork was KEY when we took on the night line challenge

We challenged ourselves with the high equilibrium activity this morning! Pushing ourselves to reach personal goals and cheering each other on!

Marshmallow time!!!

Been challenged to create a noise complaint.... Oak is up for the challenge that’s for sure :)

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Getting psyched for the campfire.... If we get it hot enough we can roast marshmallows *fingers crossed*

Our contract!

Making our group contract! Positive mindsets this week to help us face our fears and achieve our goals :)

We’ve arrived!!! Just beginning our orienteering activity.