Preston Primary (VC) School

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"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14

Covid-19 Recovery Curriculum


Preston Primary School’s Recovery Strategy


Good mental health and wellbeing is imperative in order for children to engage in their learning. Our two year rolling programme offers extensive learning opportunities and a broad and balanced curriculum based on the National Curriculum.


Now that all our children have returned to school, it is really important that we pause and reflect in order to learn from our shared experiences. Covid-19 has had a significant impact on everyone’s lives and it is important to provide pupils with the opportunity to talk about this global event.

It is also important to ensure our pupils are fully re-integrated in their learning and school life. To achieve this, the current curriculum will be enhanced with a stronger focus on PSHE and mental health and wellbeing.


We will be using the resources provided by the PSHE association, Jigsaw and 3D PSHE ‘Let’s Begin Again’.


The 3D PSHE ‘Let’s Begin Again’ materials will be used alongside our existing curriculum. Teachers will focus on maths, English, PSHE and RE to ensure we can bridge the gaps whilst providing extensive opportunities to discuss children’s varied experiences. By providing opportunities for children to establish trust, rebuild relationships and reintegrate into school life alongside frequent PE lessons, the children will maintain good mental health and re-engage in their learning.

‘Let’s Begin Again’ focuses on five key areas:

  • A Sense of Community

Helping pupils reconnect as a school community, recognising the importance of each individual.

  • Rebuilding Relationships

Refocusing on friendships and positive relationships within school.

  • Re-establishing Routines

Ensuring people settle back into school life, adjusting well to necessary changes.

  • Respecting Space and Social Distancing

Establishing a ‘new normal’ in relation to proximity and personal space.

  • Experiencing Loss

Supporting pupils as they struggle to understand their emotions.


These sessions will be delivered during the Autumn term. As always, we will assess the children’s needs continually and adapt provision to meet their needs.