Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14

Daily Timetable

The daily timetable is to help you to oversee your tasks for the day and how much time you should spend on each. If you need to, it is OK to swap the activities around.


Your English, Maths and Other Subjects tasks are available under the given section in Class 3 area on the school website

You can also choose the Project activities to work on as a challenge. If you are not able to use the computer, write the tasks by hand. It may be a good idea to keep a Reading and writing journals. Try to be organised.  


Y6s – if you have your CGP booklets, try to work through those on a daily basis and check your answers at the end.


I am not expecting you to email every piece of learning that you have accomplished, but it would be nice if you could email me a brief summary of your learning journey  at the end of the day and tell me how you have done, in the ‘Exit ticket’ style. If there is anything that you are especially proud of or you took any photos during your learning  – please email those to! It is always great to hear from you!


New Daily Timetable with the activities will appear daily Monday - Friday by 9am.


Happy home Learning smiley,


Mrs Dye

1st June International Children's Day

The World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland, proclaimed June 1 to be International Children’s Day in 1925. It is usually marked with speeches on children’s rights and wellbeing, and other events involving or dedicated to children.

A similar event, Universal Children’s Day, falls on 20 November. It was established by the United Nations in 1954 and aims to promote the welfare of children around the world.

Spring Half-Term Project

OPTIONAL Friday 8th May 2020 _ Teddy Bear Picnic