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Winter’s Child Art Competition

Winter’s Child Art Competition judged by the book’s illustrator, Grahame Baker-Smith.


Winter’s Child Art Competition Winners


Hello Preston School,


I have been looking at your wonderful work online and I must say you have excelled yourselves. It is all very imaginative and you have found so many exciting ways to produce your images.

I think you are all inspirational and amazing. Especially considering the times we are living through are not the easiest to cope with. And yet, as you have proved by your work - creativity, and imagination are forces to be reckoned with and we can use these things to take us out of our daily cares and into other worlds.

You have made it very difficult for me to choose one from each year amongst so many lovely things so, if your piece of work is not chosen try not to be disappointed. I have so enjoyed looking at each and every image you have made and I will be looking in awe at all your work for months to come.

So, onward.


The piece chosen for the Reception Class is;


HF. A gorgeous three-dimensional work. It makes me shiver just to look at it, it looks so cold and frosty! I love the lighting in the background and the way it shimmers against the plastic. 


I also love the collaged mountains and gorgeous brushwork in DP's painting.



Year 1


SH. This is such an atmospheric piece, the lone horse in a wintry night-time landscape. What is the horse doing there, where is it going? Who knows! It's the kind of painting that leaves such questions hanging in the frosty air for the viewer to make up their own story.


I also loved JG's lovely, delicate collage which, though very abstract, really evokes a sense of a walk through a snowy wood.


Year 2


AP. This is a stunning piece of work. Even though the scene is a quiet night sky the brushwork is just so energetic. It feels as though the clouds have turned to ice and light in the sky and are reflected in the glassy frozen water below. This is not easy to do and yet AP has done it so well!


There are many others I like very much too, HW's Owl, EP's plasticine flowers in the snow, and NA's gorgeous trees in the night.


Year 3


AW. I love this three-dimensional house which even has a light glowing within it. It looks very solid and, even though hung with icicles, you can imagine being warm and safe inside it! 


HF also made a set of wonderful collaged silvery horses galloping through the marvelous chaos of snow.


Year 4


HW. This is a lovely collage of birds and bunnies and reindeer all out for a night walk in the snow. It has such a gorgeous atmosphere. It looks to me as if they're having a meeting, perhaps about how long the winter is!? I also love the distant hint of waves.


I also loved FBN's lovely composition. It really feels like a cold winter's night lit by a mysterious moon and BBM's weird and wonderful Alien visitation to what looks like an ancient world of dinosaurs!


Year 5


LRDS. This lighthouse in a red sea is so very eye-catching - it reminds me of a painter called Alfred Wallis. The composition is very good and has been painted with great freedom of expression and an individual choice of colours.


I also loved LW's gorgeous moonlit landscape, the halo around the moon makes it feel like the depths of winter. WH's lovely textural street scene has really great use of light in it as does SM's forest beneath a light-streaked night sky.


Year 6


In year 6 I just cannot choose between JNC and AFRDS!

JNC has painted a sky so full of movement and depth it takes my breath away! They have obviously put some time into painting it and it is perfectly balanced against the dark shapes of the trees.

AFRDS is a much quieter composition. It feels very much like an impressionist painting, it has a serenity and a sense of Spring peeping through the snow which is quite mesmerizing. 


I also love the way GT used her/his painting against a real snowy background, so clever! And also LA's fabulous and energetic brushwork in their landscape.


So, there we are. I know some of you will feel perhaps a bit disappointed. Please don't. It has been such a privilege to look at your work and every single piece has something really fabulous about it, you have all done amazingly well and it has been an honour to have been a part of your art competition for this year. The creativity in your school is simply AMAZING!

I also would love you to give your teachers a huge round of applause for all their energy and enthusiasm in organising this. I must say a personal big 'Thank You' to Mrs Mullan for contacting me and allowing me to take part. 

I wish you all the very best for the rest of this term and the rest of the year. Keep making art!


I look forward to seeing some of your work printed and published and on the shelves in bookstores in a few years to come!

Good luck to you all and thank you again. 





ps; I am still working through your questions so you haven't quite heard the last from me yet!

Winter’s Child Art Competition Runners Up

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Winter’s Child Art Competition


Why not make a piece of artwork inspired by the book we have all been studying? Download the power point below to get loads of ideas of ways you could make a stunning, wintery picture. It does not have to look like a page of the book. Just be original, experiment and have fun!


You could use any type of media (pencils, paint, collage, clay, textiles, sculpture). Make it any size you like. 

How to enter

1. Make your piece of artwork by yourself. It must be all your own work!
2. Send in a clear photo or a scan of your completed piece of artwork, with your name and Year group, to, by 3pm on Wednesday 27th January 2021


Winners will be announced on Friday 29th January 2021.

Have fun!



Winter’s Child Art Project - Look at this power point and follow the links, for different ways to create a master piece!

Find out more about Grahame Baker-Smith and the books he has illustrated here.