Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

Autumn 2020 Week 9 - 2.11.20

The Narnian News films are now up under Class 2 Films.


Week 9 



Anyone finding writing a challenge should have a look at the extra revision resources under the Spellings star. Make sure you know the first 100 then second hundred most used words. It will help you feel more confident when writing.

We have been messing about with poetry. We read “Playgrounds” by Bernie Doughty, “ Please Do Not Feed The Animals” by Robert Hull, and “The British” by Benjamin Zephaniah. We wrote group poems and then our own recipe-style poems. We hope you enjoy them!



Column subtraction moved into exchanging not only tens but hundreds and thousands, depending on which year you were in. We practised using TTRockstars and Numbots. Do use these at home.



We have moved onto a new and exciting topic - Light and Shadows. We have been recording what we think we know and all the questions We want to find out. We started our research with finding out what is a light source and what actually reflects light.The moon, mirrors, diamonds and windows tricked us but we now know they are not light sources. We discovered that light goes into our eyes through the black hole called the pupil, and if we look at lights the pupil gets smaller or contracts. We watched videos about light and heard it moves in straight lines but also in waves. We want to find out more about this as it does not sound like you can do both.


We found out about Stormzy and how his faith as a Christian helps him through tough times. We watched his recording of Blinded By Your Grace by BBC Radio 1 and worked out what the words meant. He thanks God every time he wins an award and has set up grants for two students to go to Cambridge each year.

We also looked at Simone Biles, top gymnast and found out how She prayers for help when in tough competitions. When she does not win she knows God is helping her become stronger. Also, she feels God gives everyone a gift or talent. We tried to work out what our talents were. We wrote letters to them to say how they had inspired us.


“40 40 into base” has been a really fun game this week. Also, the girls have set up their own football games in the other half of the playground to the boys games. Sometimes they play football together.



Our colourful African animal pictures were completed this week and we used collage and painted sunsets to make them look fantastic. We also took photos of our profiles for next week’s art project.

We made poppies after our Remembrance Assembly with Mrs Tye.



We learn words for pets and practised saying them.



We practised hockey skills and basketball skills.


In our assemblies we looked at what dyslexia is and what it feels like to have it. We watched the British Dyslexia Institute video “See dyslexia differently”