Preston Primary (VC) School

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Autumn 2020 Week 8 - 19.10.20

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Tumnus the faun is arrested but which side will you take? Which is the fake news? Will you support freeing Narnia or are you a fan of Queen Janis, a.k.a. The White Witch?

Week 8 - 19.10.20


We did it! We made it to week 8! Huzzah! Have a great half- term and we will meet up again soon for more learning adventures. Remember - Stay bright and be seen! Check your coat has reflective strips or buy some flashing wrist bands in time for the darker afternoons. Clocks go back this Sunday! 



We had huge fun developing our roles playing Narnian character witnesses, and our newspaper reports, into two short sketches. These films are complete and will be put up as soon as we have permission. The anticipation will be worth it! We also reviewed our performances and said what we liked, found funny and how we would change it if we did it again. We realise none of us sound like we think we do. Everyone got better by rehearsing and we have plans on how to improve our performances next time.




Column subtraction! Early days but we are getting there. Feel free to practice over half term!




We have reached the end of our Rocks and Soils topic which turned out to be muddy, hands on and full of new facts. We decided to throw together a quick revision video to remind ourselves of the racy new facts we learnt. Also check out the Mexican cave of Giant selenite crystals. They have been developing for 500,000 years and were found when miners drained a cave of water. Awesome!




Our colourful African animals have wrapped up warmly for Winter on our Christmas cards. A great reminder to look out for endangered species. We will be creating the African backgrounds and finishing off our competition entries the week we get back.


Rain did not stop play and we all had fun in the hall during our wet P.E. Session on Wednesday.




We finally conquered the time/space continuum and went back in time to the Iron Age, to meet James Young from the Celtic Harmony Camp on Friday morning. He showed us how to fight with Iron Age weapons and how to design a shield using the complicated Circular Celtic patterns. Beware, for we now know how to light a fire with a bow, spindle and wood block.We also know a spear is only thrown when hunting but used for stabbing at a distance in battle. We saw a bearded battle axe, Hich was perfect for hooking and pulling away a person’s shield. Also,  bronze and an iron sword. We realise why the Bronze Age ended, largely due to the fact a bronze sword would bend if it hit a wooden shield whereas an iron one went straight through. We know you can use a shield to hide behind or thrust at people to hit them with the metal boss, that protects your hand. We now the recipe for daub, ( poo, mud, straw and hair), and have started our round house’s wattle or woven willow walls. Real roundhouse had 5 tonnes of reeds in its thatched roof. 
For those going over the holidays to CHC, try wrapping a tartan blanket around you as a cloak. Come back and tell us what the Iron Age felt and smelt like.





Colourful African animal Christmas Cards - Spoiler! Don’t look if you want a surprise!