Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

Autumn 2020 Week 7 - 12.10.20

What’s the dirt on dirt? Exploring what different soil samples are made of.

Exciting times learning column addition WITH and WITHOUT exchanges! Maths that moves mountains!

Week 7 - 12.10.20



We started the week writing prayers, learning lines and performing in our Harvest Festival film. We included things we had learnt during lockdown nad



We then moved on to writing a Newspaper report about the kidnapping of Mr Tumnus. Some of us are reporters writing for the Narnia News, supporting a free Narnia. Some of us are writing for the Queen’s Times which is run by Janis, Queen of Narnia, (otherwise known as the White Witch). These issues will be published next week. We had great fun interviewing and being interviewed as witnesses.



Addition continued with focuses on number bonds to twenty and column addition. We have just started learning how to add crossing the 10 and 100 using the formal written method.




Soil sampling and testing was muddy and great fun. We identified compost, silty loam, clay local and sandy loam soils using the simple ball, sausage and circle test!




For Our Harvest Festival film we drew fruit. We learnt how to add white to the side facing the light and brown, grey or black to the darker side to make fruit look 3D. We shaded fruit using oil pastels and learnt how to blend different colours together. We also learnt how to curve our lines to make a shape look round.

We developed our oil pastel technique on rainbow animals. We also experimented with water and tissue paper and PVA glue to create different effects. We are making backgrounds and adding details next week.



We watched the Zen Den and liked The Guard Dog and the Owl, which explains how our brain keeps us safe and how to calm down when we are worried.



We learnt the importance of being good sports and congratulating the winners, so that when we win we can enjoy it, especially after football sessions with Rising Stars!.