Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

Autumn 2020 Week 5 - 28.9.20

Fossil Quiz

An you spot...

1. Fossilised coral

2. Devil’s toe nail

3. Crinoids or St Cuthbert’s beads (fossilised plant stems)

4. Fossilised sea urchin

5. Belemnite

6. Polished ammonite

7. Fossilised clam shell



We wrote persuasive House For Sale adverts to persuade Stone Age people to buy the caves, skin tents and stone houses we had made. We started our brochures advertising our Stone Age village.



We learnt how to round to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand.



We found out about how fossils are made and explored Ben’s big bag of fossils. We found trace fossils, imprint fossils and cast fossils. We also researched fun facts about fossils using the iPads.



We made Bronze Age invader pegdolls and tried out God’s Eye weaving on sticks, because the Bronze Age people had learnt to spin and weave wool. We set out our village and drew a map of it.


We looked at the teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks who encourages people from different faiths to talk to each other so that they can all get along and feel like they belong.


We looked at how we stayed in touch over lockdown and how we can build friendships. We also learnt five ways to calm down and stay mindful. Finger breathing was popular.



We looked at how life changed with the invention of bronze. We researched how the metal was made and used.


Studying fossils