Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

Autumn 2020 Week 4 - 21.9.20

Week 4  - w/b 21.9.20


We wrote Stone Age stories about our peg cave people. We then edited them in our books and on the laptops. We read them out to each other and said what we liked about each one. We also suggested how to improve them. Our stories are all about meeting mammoths and each one is different. We hope you like them and our illustrations. Can you spot the tribe members turning up in each other's stories?



We learnt Roman numerals and tried writing the date using them. We also skip counted 10’s, 25’s and 50’s. We ordered 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers. We also tried out TTRockstars.



We found out about the famous “Princess of Paleontology”, Mary Anning. We were shocked that the Victorian gentlemen who bought her fossils also stole her ideas and did not give her any credit. We do not believe she was only intelligent because she was hit by lightning. We were impressed that she fought to learn to read and educate herself.


Art and Design

We decorated out Stone Age cave people’s houses. Caves, skin tents and stone houses were lovingly prepared for their owners. They will be moved to our Stone Age village site next week, when it is less wet.



We were learning hockey at lunchtime and in PE. We also did fitness training. We were happy that football and hockey club have started again.



Games of the week was Ghostbusters, Amazon, Crafty Cookers and Baddyboos café. We have great imaginations!



We found out about what the Dalai Lama believes. We liked his saying that “Self-confidence comes from being truthful, honest, fair and transparent” and “confidence leads to a calm mind”. We also agree that “We need to think how our actions affect wildlife and the environment”



We looked at how we are all part of a community and how we are still a community even if we are physically apart. We discussed how we had all helped our community during lockdown. Some of us helped by staying at home to protect others and some of us helped other people by doing jobs for them.

In our mindfulness sessions we tried out Zen Den with Mini the Puppy. We also looked at the Mindful Jar by Mindful toolkit and “What to do if you are in a bad mood”.