Preston Primary (VC) School

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Autumn 2020 Week 3 - 14.9.20

Outdoor Art Making Stone Age Houses For Our Peg Cave People

Week 3 w/b 14.9.20



We have been making Stone Age houses and caves for our peg cave people. We hunted and gathered resources like stones and sticks. It was tricky to put the tents up, but we managed it after trying different methods. We are building a miniature Stone Age village site and built a long barrow. We are still constructing our hill fort so we hope there will be no invasions. We had quarries which bartered stones to the Stonehenge builders. We found granite and flints and some people thought it was easier to dig with the flints. Leaf soup was sold for five stones a bowl but Stonehenge was traded for two gold-coloured stones! Photos are below.



Herbie and Hendrix invented the super hero game based on The Incredibles. We are enjoying having lunch in our classroom.



We listened to Carnival of the Animals by Camille Sans Saens. We guessed which animals the music represented. Herbie won the quiz when we listened to them again. Why not try playing this at home? Follow this link to hear the whole piece.



We found out that not all rocks are hard or heavy. We saw that pumice floats and chalk, pumice, sandstone and limestone absorb water. We learnt that the word for this is PERMEABLE. We were surprised to see slate spread the water out and it seemed to be permeable but we know it is used for roofing. Some rocks, like sadnstone and chalk turned to dust when we scratched them with sand paper. We learnt that they are not DURABLE. Why not try a rock hunt on a walk?



We were partitioning numbers into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We worked on place value problems such as : You can use ten counters of either hundreds, tens or ones. What numbers can you make?



We have continued reading Stig of the Dump and predicted what would happen next and decided whether Stig was imaginary or not. We also wrote expanded noun phrases and similes about a mammoth and watched a spoof documentary about woolly mammoths to give us ideas. We have planned stories we are going to write next week about our peg cave people and how they meet a mammoth. Very exciting stories are developing!



It was so hot we could not run around so we practised throwing and catching with two hands and one hand.



We found out all about Mindfulness, and how to be still and calm down using the Be The Pond method. We discussed strategies to calming down and coping with fears and developed our mindful doodling skills.

What is mindfulness

Be the Pond


Our Star Awards go to Lola and Roni, for their kind, friendly help of others and for trying really hard in maths and English. Well done!



Building Our Stone Age Village Site