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Autumn 2020 Week 13 - 29.11.20

Profiles- We rarely see ourselves from the side so this was a tricky task.

”What’s On Your Mind?” self-portraits by Class 2

Week 13

We learnt how to spot a subordinating conjunctions by learning “ I SAW A WABUB” and invented our own noisy punctuation. We used Nessy spelling rule videos to relearn IGH, OULD and what happens to O when next to the professors VNTH s. Who knew spellings could be so fun? They are becoming our favourite thing. We wrote instructions about how to capture and retrain a giant as we finished the BFG. There were some very interesting suggestions from Giant’s Got Talent contestants to bridges. 


It was time to tackle time. we relocated our clock and relearnt o’clock, half past and quarter past. We estimated counting 60 seconds, now know there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour. Try and make us tell you the time! Year 3’s concentrated on multiplying and dividing 4’s and 8’s whilst Year 4’s took on multiplying and dividing 7 and 9 times tables. On top of all this we tried lots of quick fire fluency questions including reading scales, spotting number patterns, money and word problems.



We continued our Incarnation topic and looked for supernatural, Godly elements in the Christmas story whilst learning all the historical background to the Roman census. We were impressed by how brave Mary was.



We finished our “What’s On Your Mind?” self- portraits and some of us presented them to the class. Each one tells as story. We chose inspirational quotes which mean something to us. Don’t they look fabulous. These deserve a frame! We also tried to draw our profiles which was tricky as we rarely see ourselves from the side. We tried to line features up.


We played mini games of netball and learnt the rules and positions. Some excellent marking and passing is developing. We watched a World final and saw the play is really quick. We have been practising with the netballs during breaks which has been fun.


Christmas Film

We have started planning our Christmas videos which are highly secret!! We want to keep you in the dark, without the shadow of a clue about our plans! No spoilers!


Time to learn how to read time!

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