Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

Autumn 2020 Week 12 - 23.11.20

What’s on your mind? Mixed media self-portraits

Revolting Giant Recipes - Stuck for a way to spice up your Christmas dinner? Beware these giant recipes! They are apparently rotsome, sickable, maggotwise and ickypoo. Giants find them scrumdiddlyumptious!

Week 12 



What a wondercrump week we have had, producing not one, but two pieces of scribbling. We have been jabbeling about The BFG, and some of his jumbly words are a snippy switchfiddling. We worked hard at translating giant into English and have become whoopsey splunkers at it. If you think this is redunculus, bugswallop and flushbunking, you will have to read the book! It would be a catasterous disastrophe if you did not! 



We have focussed on multiplying, dividing and catching upon our data handling skills. Our brand new whiteboards have been so useful for groups sessions and quizzes.



We have been using collage and drawings to create thoughtful self-portraits. This is what we are thinking about! We painted backgrounds in our favourite colours and then posed for photos. We chose our favourites then added thought bubbles and cut pictures to add details. You can now see what we are dreaming about!


We are finding out about the Trinity and incarnation.



We have been practising our netball skills during break time. Our shooting and passing skills are definitely getting better.


Phizzwizard Dreams - Can you work out who had these dreams? Which dream would you like?