Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

Autumn 2020 Week 11 - 16.9.20

Week 110



It was hard to concentrate on English on Tuesday because a monstrously huge, sticky hand print had appeared overnight on Class 2’s window. Luckily we had just researched Roald Dahl the day before and remembered he wrote a book about giants, so we started reading that. Then on Friday loads of old WANTED posters turned up, detailing some extremely nasty giants, which had been spotted in the vicinity and around the World. Do not fear. Class 2 are on the case. Equipped with knowledge researched from the BFG, we are sure we can find out how to avoid or pacify the giants.

We spent the week revising nouns, adjectives, verbs and verbs by playing games like “The Class 2 cat is angry, beautiful, cool, daring...” and “Party guest arriving in the manner of an adverb”.



Shapes galore were revised and all their properties explored. We met silly cylinders and prism prisons. Also we divided by 2,10,100 and 0.



We used our photos to make outlines which we experimented with painting. We had to mix all the colours from primary colours. Skin tones were quite tricky, as was making the right green for the jumpers. We then added colouring pencil details, once the paint had dried. Can you recognise us?



We learned all about Diwali and how it is celebrated as well as telling the story through a professional workshop.



we started to learn the Secrets of Success and started with 
“Try something new!”

We made lists of things that we want to learn at home and in school and then also thought about one thing we could practically try this week. We will see if we managed to do it next week.

Diwali Dance Moves

Can you spot and try the following moves:

climb the mountain

bowl of flowers

lotus blossom



hole in the wall 

and peacock.

These special positions were used to help tell the story of Ramayana and the story of Diwali. Excellent acting was shown by all!