Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

Autumn 2020Week 1 and 2 - 7.9.20

Week Beginning 7.9.20

Hello parents! This is what we got up to this week. We set up a Class 2 Charter and signed it. We agreed to make this a happy place where we can all grow and learn together.


In maths we are practising showing and reading numbers using different representations and manipulatives.


We are reading The First Drawings by Modecai Gerstein. We thought about what it was like to live in the Stone Age and wrote sentences with subordinate clauses. We also learnt how to write expanded noun phrases. We liked writing descriptions of our peg people. We also learnt to ask clever questions by playing Who Am I?


We made cavemen peg people and game them names. We made up a Stone Age school register and wrote descriptions about them. We are making a whole tribe and they are all good at different things. Some of them are related. We made a huge woolly mammoth collage and painted two cave people.


We loved playing Jam Pot at lunch times and playing football matches.


We learnt that there are natural rocks and manmade rocks, and thought hard about what they were made of and where they came from. We played Rock or Not Rock? We now know rocks are not alive!


At playtime we invented a new game called Caveman Pacman.  We loved being in the play ground on our own, because it wasn't as noisy and there no people in the way.

We also played cavemen which meant we wore our jumper sideways and spoke in grunts


We practiced numbers to 10 and played Les Chasse au Tresor.


We watched, without singing, a Stone Age rap. Here is the link should you want to sing it loudly at home!


Our topic is Identity and Belonging, so this week we thought about what makes us who we are. There were so many things that went together to give us our identity.


We watched the Nature in Your Neighbourhood winning 3 min films, which were made by young people during lockdown. They were a great starting point to talk about our time in lockdown.