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Topic: The Romans

Class 2’s St Albans Trip to the Verulamium Museum, Roman Theatre and Hypocaust. Monday 27th September 2017.


Class 2 went on an exciting trip to the Verulamium Museum in St Albans to broaden their knowledge of what the Romans left behind. We visited the Roman Theatre ruins, exploring the remains of a Roman villa and an underground shrine. We then went to visit the Hypocaust, an underfloor heating system the Romans introduced, which had a beautiful flower Mosaic. We then had a wonderful guided session pretending we were shopping at a Roman market. We got to dress up in tunics and handle some Roman artefact replicas. After, we explored the museum looking at all the amazing artefacts that the Romans left behind, such as coins, structures and pottery and even a Roman skeleton and coffin! Some of us found this a little scary- others were fascinated! We had a spectacular day of fun and learnt a lot too.

St Albans Trip

St Albans Trip 1
St Albans Trip 2
St Albans Trip 3
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St Albans Trip 26

Hitchin Museum visits Class 2. October 2017


On Monday, Class 2 has a wonderful visit from a speaker from Hitchin Museum. The wonderful historian guided us through the Roman times and what they left behind. We explored the Romans ‘rubbish’ to investigate and understand the meaning of the Roman artefacts, for example the sole of a shoe, the handle of a cup, Romans coins and more. Some of use even got to dress us as a gladiator, a senator in a toga and a Roman solider. We even got to make apple sauce using fresh apples and an old textured bowl. We had a fantastic morning and learnt a lot about the Romans.

Hitchin Museum Visit

Hitchin Museum Visit  1
Hitchin Museum Visit  2
Hitchin Museum Visit  3
Hitchin Museum Visit  4
Hitchin Museum Visit  5
Hitchin Museum Visit  6
Hitchin Museum Visit  7
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The Hierarchy and Politics of Ancient Rome

The Hierarchy and Politics of Ancient Rome  1