Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

Spring Term Week 1 & 2 - 5.1.21+ 11.1.21

A New Year and a new classroom for all. Some are back to learning at home and a few moved to Reception’s old classroom to create a new bubble. 

Well done to everyone who managed to keep going, stay positive and keep flexible in their thinking. Welcome to all the parents who have been joining us too! Let’s try and enjoy our learning journey together!



We started our new book, Winter’s Child by Angela McAllister. We have been writing descriptions about the child on the front cover and and the winter scene. Some lovely descriptions using all the senses from everyone. 


We are looking at Ultimate Questions this term, which is ironically timed. I am sure we all have many ultimate questions we want answers to! We will think discuss and research different religions answers to some ultimate questions. Only you can decide if the answers are right or helpful.

We started with the big question ‘Where did the Earth come from and did someone make it? ‘
Someone made an awesome animation about it which we are trying to load. May be other would like to try something like that?



We are learning how to multiply a two digit number by a one digit number. We have tried lots of ways and are now using the formal written method which adults know and love! Parents have been brilliant supporting this topic.



We are finding out about everything to do with the Ancient Egyptian. A great topic to study in the Winter months! Let’s look at all that sun and sand and dream of days getting shorter. We of course had to start with mummification! 


We are looking at Human Anatomy (body parts), this half term. We found about what our organs do, took a quiz, coloured where they are in the body and learnt some stunning new facts like an adult’s small intestine is between 6 and 7m long. Not so small then! Then we found out about skeletons and the disadvantages of having an inside (endoskeleton), outside (exoskeleton) or no skeleton at all and all your organs in a fluid filled sack (hydrostatic).



We are looking at the power of kindness this week. It is important to be kind to yourself and to others during this tough time. It is also scientifically good for you! Take on the Kindness Boomerang challenge.

Well done to everyone for working so well.