Preston Primary (VC) School

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*Please note that as from 16th November, all spellings will be set on Google Classroom. Thankyou for your ongoing support.

Welcome to Class One's Spelling Page!


Here you will find weekly spellings for Years One & Two.


We encourage the Look, Cover, Write, Check strategy for learning spellings:

What is Look, Cover, Write, Check?

Look, Cover, Write, Check is a strategy used to help children learn their spellings.

A child is given a word to spell and:

  • looks at it
  • covers it over with a piece of paper or their hand
  • writes the spelling again next to the word
  • uncovers the spelling to check if they have got it right.

This is a good method to teach children so that they practise learning the spellings of words, but also so that they are testing themselves, 


Children will be set new spellings on Monday for them to learn throughout the week and tested on the following Monday. Please encourage your child to practise writing in their spelling books (you don't have to print off the spelling sheet) and you don't have to practise every single day, only as often as you feel your child needs.

Please encourage your child to keep their spelling books in their reading bags. We will not be handling them.
* Please note that we will write on a sticker any words the children may benefit from practising further. We will ask them to put the sticker in their spelling book. If there isn't a sticker, it means they have got them all right!