Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14


W/b 6th June 2022 - we planted some seeds in different conditions and then decided as a group how we were going to record their progress.

W/b 9th May 2022 - we set up a seed investigation involving hydroponics!

W/b 3rd May 2022 - Our Science Learning Wall so far...

W/b 25th April 2022 - observing and identifying seeds

W/b 21st March 2022 - Pond dipping!

W/b 14th March 2022 - Paper Plants!

W/B: 7th March 2022 - Micro-habitat hunt and investigation

W/b 21st February 2022 - introducing micro-habitats

W/b 24th January 2022 - are all birds exactly the same even if they share the same features?

W/b 17th January 2022 - more classifying and comparing animals

W/b 10th January 2022 - classifying animal groups

W/b 15th November 2021 - classifying shoes according to their material!

W/b 8th November 2021 - we wrote up our investigation about the effects of climate change

W/b 1st November 2021 - we carried out an investigation to show the effects of climate change. We predicted which ice cube would melt the quickest depending on whether it was covered with clingfilm or not. By covering the ice, we tried to replicate the greenhouse effect and the subsequent warming up of our planet!

W/b 11th October 2021 - Can we find a waterproof roof for our houses?

W/b 4th October 2021 - Testing for absorbency and investigating what it means to be waterproof.

W/b 27th September 2021 - Carrying out an investigation about absorbency. We decided on a hypothesis 'All paper towels absorb water at the same rate'

W/b 20th September 2021 - investigating the properties of materials to compare suitability

W/b 13th September - this week we went on a materials hunt around the school grounds!