Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire


We had a picnic lunch outside today. 😊☀️

We are looking forward to having a pond at school. 

July 14th Bastille Day

Still image for this video
We have been learning about France and Bastille Day.

We have been learning this poem and drawing the mini beasts mentioned.

Releasing the butterflies into our new garden

 Look at all the new things we have been learning as part of our whole  school garden project! 

We have been watching our caterpillars. This week three of them have spun cocoons. Watch this space to see what happens next.

We are running our golden mile to raise money for the school pond. This week we ran 52 laps.

The Garden Centre at Stevenage have donated lots and lots of plants to our school for the BIG garden project. We made cards to say thank you.

A short video of us working on the garden.

Still image for this video

Working on the spring garden.

We went on a mini beast hunt.

We have been making stepping stones.

Andy Goldsworthy Art

Maths using natural objects. 

We collected lots of natural materials from the field.

The whole school is reading The Secret Garden. We have drawn pictures and created secret gardens of our own.

Look at the secret gardens we have created.

 Whole School Garden Project

We started our garden project by clearing all the spring flowers to make room for our sweet peas and tomato plants we had grown from seed.

Reception Whole Year Curriculum Overview

Reception Summer Term Curriculum Letter


Week 2


This week we have been learning about numbers beyond 10. 

We have been making observational drawings of daffodils.

We have been learning about what plants need to be able to grow.

Week 1

We have had an exciting first week back at school, joining in with the whole school ‘Pet’s Week’


Last week of school before the Easter Holidays

Looking for signs of Spring.

We have been learning about the Easter story. 
W/C 15/3/21.  
We have had a busy week learning about length, magnets and celebrating Red Nose Day, Puppet Day and Shakespeare Week. 

We have been investigating how magnets work.

Measuring by comparison with playdough.
Science Week 

Our Science week had a space theme to celebrate the successful Mars Rover landing.

Bubbling Planets 
Back to School. 
What have we been up to?

We started with a topic about animals.

World Book Day 

We brought out favourite books to school and made bookmarks based on the characters.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Firstly Mrs Dyer, Mrs Vivian and I would like to say a big thank-you for all the lovely Christmas gifts we have received. We hope you all had a happy (if different) Christmas break. We have returned to a very different Spring Term with some us of learning from home and some coming to school. Our aim is to ensure that whether you are learning from home, or from school or a bit of both you will all be learning the same curriculum and sharing the same opportunities. With this in mind we are doing a whole school project about the story of 'Winter's Child' by Angela McAllister and illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith. Have a look on the whole school project page to find out more. 

We have made a frozen waterfall inspired by the story.

Winter’s Child Activities

We have been making bird feeders at school. Ready for the big Garden Birdwatch 29-31st of Jan. Please send pictures in toThe Reception e mail of your bird feeders.

Week 14 - 7/12/20

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas. 

It’s Santa Canta Time

week 13 - 30/11/20

This week we are learning about nocturnal animals. We have painted pictures and made dough models of owls, badgers, hedgehogs, foxes, bats and moles.

Week 12 -23/11/20



What have we been up to this week?

This week we have been making toast.

Week 11- 16/11/21

We have written our own story about the ‘Wild things’. This is what happens one night when the ‘Wild things’ come to play with Max. 



A sleepy bee came to join in with our Mathematics game.

She looked like she needed a place to stay for the winter. So.....

We got the bug hotel ready for hibernating Winter visitors.

We have been making clay minibeasts

We have been learning about Diwali.

Week 10. 9/11/20. Happy Birthday

We have been learning about when our birthdays are.

This week we are learning ALL about the number 4 and 5.

Week 9 2/11/20 Where the wild things are.

We used the internet to try to find out what had made the footprints!!!

No not any of those.

It was a wild thing! But which one?

This one!

Week 8 19/10/20

‘Who will help me bake some bread?’ asked Mrs D.

Who will help me eat these bread rolls? asked Mrs D. ‘We will’ said the children.

Week 7 w/c 12/10/20

This week we have been learning about Harvest through the story of The Little Red Hen.

We have been learning how to write curly caterpillar letters, working on anti-clockwise letter formations.

We love mark-making

We have been learning about sorting. We have been......

Thank you for all of the conkers, acorns, leaves and other Autumny things you have collected on your walks. We sorted them into groups of conkers, acorns, fir cones, leaves, prickly things, soft things and sticks.

Week 6 5/10/20

This week in Mathematics we are learning about matching.

Our dream catchers went home this week. We will all have sweet dreams and stay in our own beds.

We have been drawing our favourite animals from Handa's Suprise

We went on Safari and illustrated and wrote our own counting story.

I am painting elephants. My second one (on the easel) is even better than my first one.

We have been tasting fruits from the story. We liked the mango and pineapple the best. We tried something new and tasted passion fruit. It was yummy!

We went on a hunt for the special signs in our school which remind us how to stay safe during the pandemic. We found a lot!

Week 5 28/9/20

This week we are reading stories about Africa

We went on safari and counted the animals we had found.

We will be learning more about these stories next week watch this space.

We have been quite intersted in the acorns in the school playground. We read the story of Percy the Parkeeper called 'After the storm' and decided to collect, sort and plant some acorns. Thank you Mrs C for helping us.

During child initiated learning this week we have been drawing road maps.

and other actiities

 Week 4 w/c 21/9\20

 This week in Reception we have been........

going on a 2D shape hunt indoors

Our 2D shape hunt outdoors

We have been weeding our garden.

What have we been getting up to during child initiated learning?

Week 3 - 14/9 what have we been up to this week?


We are running the golden mile.This is how we stay fit and healthy.

When we were running our golden mile we noticed the apples growing on the trees in our school orchard.

We picked some apples and ate them for our morning snack.

We love riding the bikes.

Literacy- We love mark Making.

In Mathematics we are learning to count objects and match the quantity to the numeral or Numicon shape.

Busy Bee Time - during child initiated learning the children follow their interests and fascinations using open ended resources.


Archie had the idea to make a dinosaur bath.

Devan had the idea to help the dinosaurs have a swim.

Harry had the idea to make a dinosaur trap.

Charlie had the idea of making a path from the dinosaur bath to the dinosaur trap.

Week 2 - Our International 'Dot' week

We read the story of 'The Dot' and worked together to create a giant collaborative art work.
We learnt lots of new skills: printing, painting, collage and drawing. We have been using these skills in our 'dotty' artworks.

It was our week for using the outdoor play equiptment. Thank you Mr Luitingh for making it pigeon proof so that we can safely use it.

Week 1 - Our first day at BIG school.