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Preston Primary (VC) School

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Week 5 28/9/20

This week we are learning about Africa.

We are going on Safari.
We are looking for the hidden animals.
We found them!

 Week 4 w/c 21/9\20

 This week in Reception we have been........

going on a 2D shape hunt indoors


Our 2D shape hunt outdoors

We have been weeding our garden.

What have we been getting up to during child initiated learning?

Making music
'Hallo Daddy Bear, buy some more porridge please.'
'Would you like some more?'
We are painting the play house.
Where in the world is Turkey?
Linking quantities to numerals
Painting the playhouse
Matching shapes

Week 3 - 14/9 what have we been up to this week?


We are running the golden mile.This is how we stay fit and healthy.

When we were running our golden mile we noticed the apples growing on the trees in our school orchard.

We picked some apples and ate them for our morning snack.

We love riding the bikes.

Literacy- We love mark Making.

In Mathematics we are learning to count objects and match the quantity to the numeral or Numicon shape.

Busy Bee Time - during child initiated learning the children follow their interests and fascinations using open ended resources.


Archie had the idea to make a dinosaur bath.

Devan had the idea to help the dinosaurs have a swim.

Harry had the idea to make a dinosaur trap.

Charlie had the idea of making a path from the dinosaur bath to the dinosaur trap.

Week 2 - Our International 'Dot' week

We read the story of 'The Dot' and worked together to create a giant collaborative art work.
We learnt lots of new skills: printing, painting, collage and drawing. We have been using these skills in our 'dotty' artworks.

It was our week for using the outdoor play equiptment. Thank you Mr Luitingh for making it pigeon proof so that we can safely use it.

Week 1 - Our first day at BIG school.