Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14


W/b 9th May 2022 - What happens during a Baptism?

W/b 25th April 2022 - mind mapping what we know so far about Christian beliefs and practices

W/b 14th March 2022 - Learning more about salvation as Jesus being the 'bridge' between humans and God

W/b 21st February 2022 - we have been reminding ourselves about some of the events of Holy Week

W/b 10th January 2022 - we have been expolring the themes Prayer, Worship & Reflection

W/b 15th November 2021 - why is Jesus important to Christians? What do these paintings tell us?

W/b 8th November 2021 - How do we commemorate Remembrance?

W/b 1st November 2021 - what is our relationship with the natural world around us?

W/b 4th October 2021 - Learning more about Light as a symbol in other cultures

W/b 27th September 2021 - What can we remember about the Christian celebration Harvest Festival?

W/b 20th September 2021 - Exploring the meaning of Light in the Jewish story of Hannukah

W/b 13th September 2021 - this week we enjoyed the Hindu story of Rama & Sita and thought about how Light is symbolised in the festival of Diwali

W/b 6th September 2021 - We have been thinking about why Light might be important in our everyday lives