Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire

"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14


W/b 6th June 2022 - improving our throwing skills!

W/b 21st March 2022 - throwing and catching

W/b 14th March 2022 - developing ball control

W/B: 28th February 2022 - Cricket

W/B: 21st February 2022 First session of cricket

W/b 10th January 2022 - balancing and travelling

W/b 15th November 2021 - raising our legs off the floor

W/b 8th November 2021 - Travelling and balancing high and low

W/b 1st November 2021 - we have started to learn gymnastics

W/b 11th October 2021 - throwing and catching from different heights

W/b 4th October 2021 - Developing throwing & catching skills using quoits

W/b 27th September 2021 - Warming up and developing our ball skills

W/b 20th September 2021 - using hoops to develop ball skills in a smaller area

W/b 13th September 2021 - introducing ball skills