Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire


W/b 28th June 2021

W/b 21st June 2021 - Outdoor Learning

W/b 10th May 2021 - Creating mazes to direct partners using the correct mathematical vocabulary

W/b 4th May 2021 - Position & Direction

W/B: 26th April 2021 - Problem Solving

W/b 19th April 2021 - Comparing length & height

W/b 12th April 2021 - Finding Fractions!

W/b 30th November 2020 - Year One have enjoyed building and making numbers to twenty, using 10 as a benchmark. Year Two have enjoyed learning to add different amounts up.

W/b 23rd November 2020 - This week Year One have been learning about Shape. Year Two have been developing their Number Bonds to 20 & 100 through Problem Solving.

W/b 16th November 2020 - we had fun problem solving using counters to help us!

W/B: 2nd November 2020 We have enjoyed learning how to subtract crossing the tens.

W/b 12th October 2020 - We are always trying to make connections in our learning...

We have been learning to represent our learning in different ways. We have also been learning to add and subtract in tens.

W/b 05.10.20 - We have been learning to draw our mathematical representations

W/B 28.09.20 We have been counting in 3s. Can you see the pattern?

W/B: 21.09.20 We have been using the words, greater than, less than and equal to.