Preston Primary (VC) School

Love, Learn, Aspire


W/b 17th January 2022 - using an information book, dictionary and thesaurus to help develop our questions for sub-headings

W/b 10th January 2022 - what's in the laboratory?

W/b 15th November 2021 - Grammar and spelling is an important part of our learning

W/b 8th November 2021 - finding vocabulary to describe Ben and Ray in the story

W/b 1st November 2021 - persuasive writing!

W/b 11th October 2021 - this week we finished our non-chronological reports about the Great Fire of London

W/b 4th October 2021 - Understanding the differences between fiction & non-fiction helps us with our report writing

W/b 27th September 2021 - Our Learning Wall helps us with our writing

W/b 13th September 2021 - Retelling the story of Vlad and the Great Fire of London

W/b 6th September 2021 - Using Drama to act out the story!

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