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Class 2 Films

The Twelve Days of Christmas

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The final film of four made by the children in Class 2 in just one week. As a finale to our Light project, we have produced a shadow puppet play starring over 70 card puppets and a white sheet!
Huge thanks to Mrs Trott for keeping lessons going whilst children went off to film and to Mr Mullan for arranging and recording the guitar music. We couldn’t have done it without you.
Happy Christmas everyone.

Christmas Future

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Only a truly well-behaved, angelic class of children, who had worked unbelievably hard in every lesson, would be allowed to make a film imagining what the last day of term before Christmas could be like. It goes without saying that this does NOT represent a normal day in Class 2 and nothing like this will happen tomorrow! It does show how much we like to have fun and learn through play in Class 2. We would all agree that keeping a sense of humour in these complicated times is crucial! We hope this cheers up all our families and friends! Stay safe, stay positive and be happy this Christmas.

Christmas Present

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What have the Class 2 elves been up to this year?

Christmas Past

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We have looked back at all the things we have learnt or made over the last term in this film. It is our version of The 12 Days of Christmas based on Class 2’s curriculum. What a lot we learnt! We are very proud of how hard we have all worked and how much we have learnt! Enjoy!

Nine O’Clock Queen’s News

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Loyal subjects of Queen Janis, also known as the White Witch, watch this!

Nine O’Clock Narnian News

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Loyal subjects of Allan watch this!

Rocks and Soils by Class 2

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Our experiments about rocks and soils from the first half term of Autumn 2020.