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Caterpillars to Butterflies April-May 2018

At the start of the Summer Term, Class One received some visitors...caterpillars!  They were very small when they first arrived (we estimated approximately 1cm) and were in two cups.  Each cup had all the nutritious food and moisture they need to grow into Painted Lady butterflies.  It was important to keep the lid on at all times while we observed them.  We knew, from our research, that the caterpillars would eat, spin silk and grow for approximately 7-10 days before changing into chrysalides. 


When they were ready to become a chrysalis, they climbed to the top of the cup and created a 'j' shape with their bodies under the lid.  We left the caterpillars for approximately three days in order to allow them to safely harden into chrysalides.    When they were all ready, we moved the lid to the Chrysalis Station and waited for the miracle of metamorphosis to begin!


We created a block graph about when the butterflies emerged.  We noticed that all of the butterflies emerged within nine days.  Two caterpillars did not emerge and we thought of reasons why this might be. Once the butterflies had emerged from their chrysalides, we released them.  It was a lovely warm day.  They enjoyed meeting Class One properly before they flew away to continue the amazing life cycle.


Things to Do If You Are a Butterfly


Break that chrysalis.

Open your wings and fly!

Be colourful.

Taste that sweet, juicy nectar.

Make more eggs so the lifecycle goes on.


By Class One


Here are some observations made by Class One:

"The caterpillars have spikes."

"They have made silky webs."

"They are longer than before."

"They are chrysalides."