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Boat Testing

This half term, Class One's Science topic was, 'Everyday Materials'.  We have: named objects and the materials they are made from; compared, and grouped, a variety of materials and described the simple properties of a variety of materials.  As part of our learning, we have generated and conducted investigations, used drama to show what happens to water particles when they freeze and rescued Lego people from a frozen lake.  We linked our learning about materials to, 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat' and thought about what materials were needed to re-tell the story.  There have been interesting questions to think about, such as what would happen to a chocolate teapot if you put boiling water in, what would our writing be like if the tables were made of jelly and if everything we touched became flexible, how would our lives be different?


We finished our topic by collaborating to design and make waterproof boats and then we tested them to see if they were fit for purpose.  Here are our finished boats.