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Assessment & Learning Ladders


In September 2014, the way that primary schools assessed the progress and attainment of pupils changed. The past system of levels was removed by the government leaving schools to develop their own methods for monitoring pupil progress. At the same time, a new National Curriculum with new much higher end of year expectations of what pupils should be able to achieve in both Key Stages was introduced.


At Preston Primary School, we also use a specific assessment system called Learning Ladders.

Learning Ladders


At Preston Primary School we use learning ladders for Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science, and are developing their use within other foundation subjects. Each area is divided into different ladders that represent key skills. The ladder then has rungs which show the key objectives, taken from the new National Curriculum, that the children need to work through.  Although the path of learning is never linear, the rungs set out a typical journey of learning. Teachers will sign off the rungs as children achieve them. Rungs can be signed off weekly, monthly or half termly, often ‘live’ with the children, as well as periodically by the teacher as part of their summative assessment.

Learning Ladders at Home


We use Learning Ladders at Home to enable parents to track the progress that the children are making in their ladders and rungs, with each family having their own individual login. Learning Ladders at Home, also provides support to parents in understanding the key objectives, how they might be taught in school and help with homework.